Outdoor Survival

Have you ever been lost in the woods and didn’t know what to do?
Through this hands-on program, students will learn the Seven Basic Human Survival Needs and how to avoid survival situations by being prepared. Students will then use critical thinking skills to determine how they would survive in a survival scenario. Finally, students will learn the important aspects of shelter building and fire safety and work in small groups to build their own shelters and fires.

Accessibility notes: All individuals work in teams so most access needs can be accommodated. The location for survival is usually behind the nature center which is not a paved trail, but is flat and accessible by wheelchair most of the year. If the location proves challenging to any individuals, the class can take place in a different spot. Fires do occur in fire pans on the ground. If individuals are unable to access the fire pan, they can still practice small tinder fires on an elevated surface, but size will be restricted to ensure safety.

Outdoor Survival Lesson Plan

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