Cross Country Skiing

Nordic skiing has gained popularity as a sport and is now enjoyed by millions of people across the planet for fun, recreation, winter exercise and travel! Students will be introduced to skiing equipment, techniques and have the opportunity to practice on our mainland ski trails. If time permits, students will also learn some of the history, classification and evolution of skiing equipment. An experienced adult with an equipment orientation can lead this activity. Students should come prepared with warm clothing. This activity is available only during winter months and may be cancelled due to inadequate snowfall.

Length: 1 hour MINIMUM

Maximum Participants: 20 sets of boots, skis & poles are available.

Accessibility notes: Upham Woods has a variety of equipment available depending on participant foot size and weight, as well as a variety of different routes to ski but depending on participant mobility and balance concerns, individuals may not be successful in this class. Please contact us if you would like to brainstorm possible solutions, such as bringing extra adults to provide stabilizing support or alternative class choices. If you have your own adaptive equipment, such as sit skis, you are welcome to bring it and use our trails.

Cross Country Lesson Plan

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