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Similar to hockey, broomball is fast, fun and a great outdoor winter activity. The game is played on a “rink” with 5 players plus a goalie on each team trying to score against the other team. The players run on the rink surface while using a “broom” to control the ball and score. Substituting players throughout the game allows larger groups to enjoy this unique sport, too. Broomball develops teamwork and good sportsmanship. Participants are required to wear the provided helmets while playing.

Length: ½ hour – 1 hour

Suggested Maximum Participants: 12 players on the rink at one time.

Accessibility notes: For individuals with balance/mobility concerns, this game can be transported to a variety of locations from a snowy field that can cushion falls to an indoor lodge which may be less slippery. This class can also be modified to meet mobility concerns by focusing on drills (like weaving around cones, shooting technique or playing pig) instead of a competitive game.

Broomball Lesson Plan

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